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Our Journey
SINCE 1971
Our Journey
SINCE 1971
Galvanizing Since 1971

Meneghello is a family-owned Western Australian business. Founded by Joe and Lino Meneghello in 1971, the company was originally a hot dip galvanizer located in Osborne Park.

Initial growth
In 1982, Meneghello Galvanizing Industries (Mgalv) was formed and welcomed second generation member Danny Meneghello to the business. In 1990, we built a new plant and moved to Lansdale to meet growing demand.
In 1999, Meneghello Steel Industries (Msteel) began its life as the maintenance division to Mgalv. By 2001, the division had seen such growth that it started operating as an independent fabrication business that supported Mgalv. By 2008, third generation member Andre Meneghello joined the business.
Complementing Services
In 2017, Meneghello acquired Mbolts, thereby entering the custom bolt manufacturing business. In 2020, Meneghello acquired Mblast and expanded its services to offer abrasive blasting, rubber lining and industrial painting.
Moving forward
Since 1971, we have built a reputation as Western Australia’s best and most established hot dip galvanizers thanks to our constant improvement and innovation. We have in the decades since established the same stellar reputation in all of our newer divisions. Moving forward, we plan to grow business and provide our expert services to a wider range of customers.
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