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Our Approach
Our Approach

Quality is an integral part of the Meneghello Principles. These principles guide our actions so we can deliver the highest quality steel services that are safe, compliant and environmentally friendly.

Meneghello is committed to never compromising on the safety and quality of our products and services. This requires everybody to be engaged, to understand their responsibility and to be empowered to act in order to protect our customers and our brand. 

Our primary commitment is to meet our customers’ demands. We strive to provide great reliability, openness and accessibility in our products. On the rare occasion that something goes wrong, we offer effective communication, empathy and efficiency in correcting our mistakes. 

Meneghello has a commitment to continuous improvement in an ongoing effort to enhance our products and services.

To achieve these objectives and satisfy the expectations of our clients, Meneghello implements and maintains an Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) which is based on ISO 9001:2015.

Our Aims:

  • To provide exceptional and reliable services
  • To provide quality products by committed and trained personnel
  •  To continue to build healthy and productive teams
  • To ensure that we do not injure our employees/contractors or damage the environment
  • To meet our production and financial budgets and plan for company growth
  • To provide these services in a professional and ethically responsible manner
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